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vendredi 28 août 2015


An Ottawa federal scientist is being investigated for breaching the public service’s ethics code for writing and performing a highly political protest song to get rid of the Harper government.

Tony Turner, a scientist in habitat planning at Environment Canada, was recently sent home on leave with pay while the government investigates the making of Harperman, a music video posted on YouTube in early June that has attracted about 48,000 hits.

[…] “The government risks giving this much more visibility than it warrants by launching an investigation. People will be on YouTube to look at this because they made it an issue.”

National Post : “Public servant being investigated for writing and performing anti-Tory ‘Harperman’ song”.

(Merci d’aller “liker” la vidéo, même si le catchy folk et les raging grannies ne sont pas votre cup of tea.)

Cat Soap Opera

A new soap opera: Cat Hospital.

1. Le 31 août 2015,
Off Topic
2. Le 27 décembre 2015,

Votre chat n’aime pas sa pâtée ? il n’aime pas ses croquettes non plus ? Les souris le laissent indifférent ? Et bien, nous avons la solution pour vous ! (et pour lui au passage :) )

Donnez-lui un ….. coup-de-pied au cul !

Blah ? Touitter !