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jeudi 16 octobre 2008

Seesmic bashing

But there’s one strange thing that’s come out of these bad times, and that’s the use of Seesmic as a noun to describe a bad startup.

Seesmic bashing is all the rage. I do understand why the company is being targeted: it’s different, it doesn’t have a clear monetization strategy yet, and they’ve already done two rounds of layoffs.

But that doesn’t make the attacks fair.

The Inquisitr, Duncan Riley: “Seesmic, someone has to defend Web 2.0’s most popular whipping boy”.

We have years ahead of us, just give us some time to execute this vision, as Duncan says Seesmic is not a copycat of anything, it is early and first in a small space it is creating, that requires some time to figure out both the features people want and the associated business model, which was plan with Seesmic since day one, I am just executing on our initial plan adapting to the current worst conditions possible.

Loïc Le Meur: “Whipping boy?

1. Le 16 octobre 2008,

Aïe mes yeux !! Tabarnac !

2. Le 16 octobre 2008,

C’est… large. Ca me fait penser que je devrai programmer ma souris pour faire passer d’une page a l’autre horizontalement…

Le site format 16/9 ça déménage pour les résolutions plus carrées.

3. Le 16 octobre 2008,

le pauvre souffre-douleur le llm!

sinon c’est la version embruns marée haute?

4. Le 16 octobre 2008,

C’est la faute à Seesmic ce design ’large’ ?

Blah ? Touitter !