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vendredi 16 janvier 2015

Weblog du 27 nivôse

Pancakes time.

— Des chefs qui servent du foie gras en Californie menacés de mort.

— Quand la une de Charlie Hebdo s’invite en direct sur Sky News.

— WIRED is no longer a pirate ship.

— Limits on freedom of expression “greater than they were under Mubarak,” Egyptian editor says.

— Oxford University Press bans use of pig, sausage or pork-related words to avoid offending Muslims.

— Every day, cops toss dangerous military-style grenades during raids, with little oversight and horrifying results.

— Guns are more likely to do harm than good.

— A compendium of abandoned greenhouses.

— The tallest tower in South America is in the middle of the Amazon forest.

— R/C plane crashes into the sea.