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vendredi 7 août 2015

Monkey le chat

Quand ton propriétaire est un geek, tu dois chasser pour bouffer.

Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner.”

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1. Le 8 août 2015,
karl, La Grange
2. Le 11 août 2015,
karl, La Grange

Lécher le minou ne provoque pas toujours du plaisir.

3. Le 11 août 2015,
Laurent Gloaguen

Faut essayer avec la queue.

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Communauté des fées radicales

2015 fairies commune

[Scrat, potier (Hairy Potter…), dans le Temple des fées. Photographie Catherine Opie pour The New York Times.]

In 1979, a gay rights activist, communist and Angeleno named Harry Hay — a founder of a neo- pagan countercultural movement called the Radical Faeries — urged gay men to ‘‘throw off the ugly green frog skin of hetero-imitation.’’ Instead of fighting for the rights that straights had, like marriage and adoption, the faeries believed that to be gay was to possess a unique nature and a special destiny apart from straight people, and that this destiny would reach its full flowering in the wilds of rural America. So it was perhaps fitting that the faeries began to refer to their secluded outposts as sanctuaries. There are more than a dozen loosely affiliated sanctuaries across three continents today, but in the same year that Hay made his pronouncement, the mother ship of the faeries landed on Short Mountain, one of the tallest points in Middle Tennessee. It remains home to what is almost certainly the largest, oldest, best known and most visited planned community for lesbian, gay and transgender people in the country, a place that one local described to me as a veritable Gayberry, U.S.A.

The New York Times, Alex Halberstadt: “Out of the Woods”.

Wikipedia: Radical Faeries.

1. Le 7 août 2015,

les bi.e.s sont exclu.e.s de fait ou c’est un oubli invisibilisant de la part de l’auteur ?

3. Le 10 août 2015,
karl, La Grange

mad sex Je ne vois que cela dans cette page.

4. Le 10 août 2015,
Laurent Gloaguen


(Moi aussi…)

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