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jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Chatons pyromanes

Pet kittens are suspected of sparking a fire that burned down a young family’s home.

Fire investigators believe the cats, Jesse and Dora, may have walked across a touch-sensitive hob in the kitchen – turning it on.

The cats’ owners – Reina and Andrew Ainscough – were visiting relatives for New Year with their young twins when the blaze broke out.

The fire ripped through their home and a neighbouring property in Newton Road, Lowton, near Leigh, causing £250,000 of damage. The kittens died.

Manchester Evening News:Kittens blamed for starting fire which gutted owners’ home in Leigh”.

Curiosity killed the cats…

1. Le 5 janvier 2012,

Et comme ces machins résistent à l’euthanasie, on peut craindre la Revenge of the Kittenz.

2. Le 5 janvier 2012,

L’avantage c’est que comme leur nez est deja dedans, ils le referont plus.

Blah ? Touitter !