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vendredi 3 juillet 2015

D’encre et d’eau

Endre Penovác

Endre Penovác. Facebook. Bio. [Via.]


70’s fag music

All-in-all, How Far Will You Go? is a revelation, lovingly restored by Emmons from original master tapes, and even mastered for vinyl by Emmons on his own cutting lathe. With extensive liner notes and photos, How Far Will You Go? tells the story of America’s greatest 70s should-have-beens, a band so amazing that the only reason you haven’t heard of them is because they were faggots, and they didn’t give a shit.

Chapter Music : “Smokey - How Far Will You Go?”, via Butt Mag.

Le gardage

Quand la vie s’entasse dans le corps.

Mathieu St-Onge.