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mardi 2 novembre 2010

Télécharger Geocities

Un peu d’émotion puisque ma première page Web fut sur Geocities (dans le quartier WestHollywood, circa 1996)…

Right now, you can download the bulk of Geocities in a single, giant 652GB file over BitTorrent.

The seminal free web hosting site has been off the tubes since last year, when its owner, Yahoo, shut it down. […]

What we were facing, you see, was the wholesale destruction of the still-rare combination of words and digital heritage, the erasing and silencing of hundreds of thousands of voices, voices that representing the dawn of what one might call “regular people” joining the World Wide Web. A unique moment in human history, preserved for many years and spontaneously combusting due to a few marks in a ledger, the decision of who-knows for who-knows-what.

But you see, websites and hosting services should not be “fads” any more than forests and cities should be fads – they represent countless hours of writing, of editing, of thinking, of creating. They represent their time, and they represent the thoughts and dreams of people now much older, or gone completely. There’s history here. Real, honest, true history. So the Archive Team did what it could, as well as other independent teams around the world, and some amount of Geocities was saved.

[…] If you’d like a little bit of internet history (OK, a massive bit of internet history) head on over to The Pirate Bay. And please, remember to seed.

WebMonkey: “Geocities Lives On as Massive Torrent Download”.

Merci Scykhan. Ah, la mémoire du Web…