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mardi 4 octobre 2011

The Deleted City

J’habitais au 2277 West Hollywood…

The company created its own Web directory, organized thematically in six “neighborhoods”. The neighborhoods included “Colosseum,” “Hollywood,” “RodeoDrive,” “SunsetStrip,” “WallStreet,” and “WestHollywood”. In mid-1995, the company decided to offer users (thereafter known as “Homesteaders”) the ability to develop free home pages within those neighborhoods. During the sign-up process, new members chose to which neighborhood they wanted to belong. This neighborhood became part of the member’s web address along with a sequentially assigned “street address” number to make the URL unique (for example, “”). Chat, bulletin boards, and other elements of “community” were added soon after, helping foster rapid growth. On July 5, 1995 Geocities added additional cities, including “CapitolHill,” “Paris,” “SiliconValley,” and “Tokyo.” By December 1995, the company, which now had a total of 14 neighborhoods, was signing up thousands of Homesteaders a day and getting over six million monthly page views. GeoCities never enforced neighborhood specific content; for example, a “Hollywood” homesteader could be nothing but a college student’s home page, which would be more appropriate for another neighborhood.

Wikipedia: “Geocities”.

(“WestHollywood” était le quartier LGBT.)

1. Le 4 octobre 2011,

En 1997-98, j’étais sur CapitolHill! déjà prétentieux à l’époque. J’avais un Mac aussi. Ça n’a rien à voir, mais je suis également assez nostalgique d’HyperCard, qu’est encore plus vieux. Mon employeur m’avait fait suivre une formation en 1989, mais je ne suis pas resté chez lui après. Il est doux de vieillir dans la nostalgie.

2. Le 4 octobre 2011,

Merci pour le souvenir! J’avais une page à WestHollywood aussi, mais je n’ai aucune idée de ce que j’y avais mis à l’époque.

3. Le 10 octobre 2011,

J’ai jamais beaucoup aimé Geocities, déjà à l’époque je trouvais l’idée de ces quartier un peu lame.

Blah ? Touitter !

148 Bad Boys

Plan d’urbanisme


Benjamin Blonder, David Elliott took 18th place for their image of the venation network of a young quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) leaf. Blonder and Elliott are from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

In Focus, Alan Taylor: “Nikon Small World 2011”.