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mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Reine pour seconde classe

But in France, blogs and online journalists are still deuxième classe. For example, last year the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche reported rumors that both President Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, were having affairs. But the report only ran on the paper’s website, as if there were different standards for accuracy online and off, and their website was suitable simply for rumors and speculation (“Tartuffe in the age of Twitter” the New York Times’ Steven Erlanger called it). So we hope Le Huffington Post can help bring a little egalite to the world of French digital journalism, as well as make the site a destination for real and meaningful conversation.

Arianna Huffington: “Bonjour, Paris”.

Le journalisme en ligne français, c’était nul et déconsidéré, mais la grande Arianna va vous sauver de la médiocrité.

1. Le 12 octobre 2011,

Vu l’infame merde tabloidesque qu’est devenu le Huffington Post, je crains le pire.

Blah ? Touitter !