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jeudi 18 juillet 2013

Lubrification cacher

The US-made Wet range of lubes now has eight lines that have been given a religious stamp of approval, including its “Ecstasy” product. This means that rabbis from the Rabbinical Council of California have inspected Wet’s 52,000 sq ft production plant and researched the origins of every ingredient to check none comes from items prohibited by kosher rules.

As with many great innovations, the lubricant resulted from personal motivation. Sean Smith, president of Trigg Laboratories, which produces Wet, converted to Judaism after marrying a Jewish-Israeli woman.

But what’s the need for a kosher lubricant? Orthodox Jews spread all sorts of cosmetics over their bodies without checking they are kosher. From soaps to exfoliators, moisturisers to medical ointments, observant Jews can use whatever is sold on the mainstream market without checking its origins. Kosher laws don’t apply to products for external use. In fact, according to guidelines by the respected kashrut certifier Star-K: “one may even apply non-kosher ingredients to one’s lips, eg lipstick, lip balm.”

The bottom line is that kosher certification is only relevant to Jews who swallow a product. Really, it’s only necessary for the God-fearing who intentionally swallow it – but some strict observers go further and buy kosher products if there is a risk of accidentally swallowing them.

So although Orthodox Jews haven’t been waiting for the rabbinic nod before using lubes, they have been limited in what they could do with them.

For hundreds of years the Jewish religious establishment has been divided on whether oral sex is allowed as part of a bedroom repertoire; it’s still pretty taboo for public discourse – and the rabbis who have approved the lubes haven’t spelled out whom their certification will benefit. But among Orthodox Jews the significance is clear – 14 years after Rabbi Shmuley Boteach struck a blow for openness by publishing his hit book Kosher Sex this is the first rabbinic innovation to help kosher oral sex. In eight flavours.

The Guardian : “Kosher lube puts oral sex on the menu for Orthodox Jews.”

[…] Menachem Lubinsky, president of Lubicom, the marketing company that hosts the annual Kosherfest trade show, said he wasn’t sure if certification was necessary from the standpoint of Jewish law.

“I usually deal with supply and demand,” he said. “I’m not aware of any large demand for this. I’m more aware of people looking for kosher-for-Passover dog food. Having said that, there’s been a trend in recent years to make more over-the-counter drugs and cosmetics with certification for people that don’t want to bring anything into the house that isn’t kosher certified.”

Jerusalem Post : “Kosher lube slides onto shelves ahead of Jewish Valentine’s Day.”

[…] Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of the best-selling book “Kosher Sex,” hailed yesterday’s announcement.

“It’s nice to see that rabbis are not shying away from addressing sexual aid, which will facilitate great excitement in the bedroom,” he said. “People misunderstand Orthodox Jews, in that they believe that they have sex through a sheet with a hole in the middle, that Orthodoxy is profoundly prudish. Nothing can be further from the truth.

“Orthodoxy is profoundly passionate. Orthodox couples have great sex lives, they’re encouraged to… . Anyone who portrays Orthodoxy in a different light and … believes that Orthodoxy encourages sexual repression really knows nothing about the Jewish religion.”

An Orthodox rabbi who works as a kosher supervisor — but who didn’t want be identified due to the subject matter — said the newly kosher lube should glide off the shelves.

“There’s probably a market for it,” he said. “I’m sure for some people it’s better to have something that’s kosher than something that isn’t.”

Wet: “The oy of sex! Kosher lube a blessing for religious Jews.”

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