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vendredi 1 mai 2015

On Mozilla’s forced SSL

Yesterday, Mozilla made a blogpost, stating that they will be “deprecating non-secure HTTP” - in other words, forcing HTTPS. I believe that this decision is harmful to the open web, and this is why.

First of all, for those who are not familiar with me - I actively encourage people to use SSL/TLS wherever possible. I do not believe that there is data that is “not important enough to encrypt”.

I do however believe that there are fundamental problems with the way TLS is currently deployed in practice, problems that absolutely need solving before a forced global deployment of TLS can happen. […]

Sven Slootweg : “On Mozilla’s forced SSL”.

1. Le 2 mai 2015,

Laurent, même si vous traitez régulièrement de l’homosexualité, je m’inquiète de ne plus avoir lu depuis un moment une notule sur la sodomie. Ça manque.

2. Le 2 mai 2015,

@Laurent, il n’ose plus publier ça sans https…

3. Le 2 mai 2015,
Laurent Gloaguen


4. Le 2 mai 2015,
karl, La Grange

Contrat social, Sécurité et Sérénité.

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